Auto Repair Framingham MA
Murphy’s Automotive was established in 1964 by Gerald P Murphy. It originally started as a Gulf service station at Shoppers World in Framingham, MA. In 1967 Murphy’s Automotive moved to the busy intersection at Rt 30 & Rt 126 (the junction) as a Shell service station. At this location they sold gasoline and provided auto repair service.

Joseph J Murphy started working at Murphy’s Automotive during the early 1970s and is in charge today. After 26 years of running the business at the previous location, he made the decision to move…. to leave the location, leave the gasoline business, and leave dealing with an oil company. In 1993, Murphy’s Automotive moved to 29 Water St. in Framingham, MA (Saxonville). This allowed the company to give its full attention to high quality auto repair service.
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